Singapore -Kopitiam & Cinema- Hua Bee


Here is where you can head to if you forgot your wallet and have some change left in your pocket. A bowl of mee pok starts from 3 dollars. The flat egg noodles are served with an accompanying bowl of soup with fish cake and fish balls. The stall has been operating for more than 70 years, but it’s Eric Khoo with his first movie “Mee Pok man” in 1995 that immortalized this traditional old fashion Kopitiam (coffee shop). Atmosphere hasn’t changed, nor the decor. Marble tables, pale blue tiles, While savouring your meal you could hear actress Michelle Goh shouting “Mee Pok!!” in your head. A journey back in time. Scene in a movie.

ASK: for some teh tarik (milk tea) to go completely local

Tuesday - Sunday 7am - 3 pm