Sth Korea - Seoul - Jungsik - “New Korean” classic

Jungsik, meaning formal dinner and named after its Chef Jung Sik, was the first restaurant where molecular gastronomy was applied to korean ingredients. That was after Jung Sik did some time in Bouley and Aquavit, after he had served in the south korean army where his commandant, a big fan of his cooking promoted him to be his personnal Chef. And since 2009, Jung Sik has been calling his cuisine “New Korean” meaning infusing international ingredients into traditional korean dishes, and not the contrary please. So here he goes, Filet mignon in soy bean paste sauce, Pork Jowl in ginger vinaigrette, Modern choco and Soy Caramel, all surprisingly korean. And “New korean” classics.

ASK: For the cherry blossoms Raspberry Panna Cotta, a whimsical little piece of art