SINGAPORE - SHOP - Manifesto

This multi-label concept store is unlike any other you’ve seen so far in the city. The first thing that crosses your mind is “Where am I?”. Well basically, you’re in Walid Zaazaa’s creative mind, a world where art, architecture and fashion all come together. This French fashion designer has worked with brands like DKNY and Calvin Klein for 15 years before opening what is today the most avant-gardist and coolest store in town. More than half of the brands you’ll find here are new to Singapore. Think Gilet, Inari, Mads Norgaard or Maison Olga… And by coming here, you’d definitely save a shopping trip to Japan, Denmark or France.


Zaazaa’s idea is to welcome everyone, “no matter if it’s to buy an affordable postcard, or to get a 300 dollars Maison Kitsuné dress”. That sounds like a lovely Manifesto.

ASK : What’s coming up. The store also aims to host events and exhibitions, Daniel Buren for example might come soon.



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