Malaysia - George Town - Blue Mansion - Heritage Beauty


“Blue Mansion” or “Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion” is a house that would tell incredible stories if being questionned, well if it could speak. Once the property of Asia’s wealthiest man in the 19th century, it is today one of the most interesting attractions in Penang, an illustration of the best of heritage architecture. A visit to the Blue Mansion throws you deep back in time. A time where Southeast Asia was a promising land, a time when Feng Shui was taken absolutely seriously. I wouldn’t recommend to dine as the food is “so-so” but the tour is a must-do in Penang. Even Catherine Deneuve, for a scene in the movie Indochine has been here.  Those in pursuit of true Beauty won’t be disappointed.

ASK : If there are any rooms available to spend the night… Though some people say it’s haunted. But rumors you know…