Mumbai -Must do/Lunch- Britannia & Co


Certainly a must-do in Mumbai, this family run restaurant founded in 1923, settled in a Renaissance style building, is a work of art by Scottish architect George Wittet (famous for the “Gateway to India” monument). The charming 93 year old owner Boman Kohinoor will help you make your choice among his timeless Parsi and Iranian cuisine. London Dishoom restaurants found inspiration in those types of cafés, which only a few remain in Mumbai. Plus, you get to Dine below a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, Mahatma Gandhi and the Zoroastrian prophet Zarathustra. Unlikely.

ASK: For the Chicken berry pulao (rice made with Iranian barberries) and… The crème caramel.

Lunch only 12-4pm. closed on Sundays.



Mumbai -Must go- Leopold Cafe


Leaving Colaba without stopping by at “Leo’s” would be a mistake. Immortalized by Gregory David Roberts in his best seller Shantaram, this cafe, bar and restaurant first appeared in the city scene in 1871, and used to be a wholesale oil store and a pharmacy.

Being one of the first sites touched by the 2008 terror attacks, some walls still bear bullet holes. The place reopened 4 days after the tragedy as a symbol of survival. It has always been the place where locals and tourists meet. A legendary landmark.

ASK: For a Kingfisher beer, that’s what to drink here.