Malaysia - George Town - Hotel - Sinkeh - Call it home


Sinkeh (“New comer”) is some kind of treasure you’d want to keep secret. But because owner and stage director Chee Sek Thim puts 20% of the benefits into programming, meaning each guest contributes to support the Penang art scene, a hidden gem has to be unveiled.

 Re-designed to present a contemporary vision to an heritage building, this 19th century straits chinese house, tastefully revamped with wood and concrete, has nine rooms on its 1st and 2nd floor and an art working space on the ground floor. A Library and 2 open patios to chill. It’s rare to love a place so much that you’d come back to a city just for it. Sinkeh is that kind of hotel you can call home.


ASK: To meet Sek Thim, among other stories, he’ll tell you why there are silk worm cocoons in glass jars near the entrance.