TAIWAN - TAIPEI - Bistronomic art at RAW

image Sakura Ebi Cappellini

First, there’s a striking beautiful interior, wooden, minimalist, all in curves. Then the lovely details like the cutlery hidden inside you’re table’s secret drawer.

This tastefully designed restaurant has the atmosphere of an art gallery while it’s all about gastronomy. Or “bistronomy” more precisely, meaning affordable gastronomic french style cuisine with a Taiwanese twist. No surprise as it’s been conceptualised by famous “born in Taiwan” and “made in France” Chef André Chiang.

Creative and spontaneous, that’s how he and his local team led by Chefs Zor Tang and Alain Huang wanted RAW’s menu to sound like. Highlighting seasonal produce, what comes on your plate carry exciting names like “Uni Hokkaido Peanut Butter Peas”, “Sakura Ebi Cappellini” or “Chocolate Burnt Butter Mochi”.

Their daring mantra “Never be afraid to make mistakes” has worked as they don’t seem to have made any.  Since they first opened a year ago, Raw has become one of the most sought-after restaurants in Taipei.  

Rare are the Chefs you’d follow anywhere they settle a business. André is one of them. Singapore, check, Taipei, check, Paris, next.

image Tiny iced Pineapple Cakes

ASK : your way to the restroom, a must-see… Kidding aside, make sure to make your reservation early in advance. If not, you might have a chance on waiting list. Until January 10th they’ll only be serving a “best of the year menu”.