Sth Korea - Seoul - Top 3 beautiful coffee shops

In this huge city, after walking a few miles, a good coffee shop feels more like a refuge. In Seoul, it’s not just about the taste but also about the looks. These days, it seems that tastefully designed cafés have this thing with polished concrete (or maybe I do) and the places I’ve spotted carry  postindustrial feel and cosyness. Here are 3 of the best coffee shops, that combine quality and style.


Anthracite Coffee - The serious coffee maker


Their coffee is “loaded with the rich aromas of pineapples, coconuts, chocolate, mangoes, and roses”… Well, something like that I would simply call deep aroma of fresh coffee strikes you when you enter the ground floor of this very special coffee shop. The sight of the roasters is quite impressive as they kept the old atmosphere of what used to be an old shoe factory intact.  . High ceiling and a big space on the first floor make you feel a little bit like in Berlin. And the terrace oh my this terrace is the best place to chill.

ASK: For the green tea cake to balance the taste of the strong coffee they offer.




Peer Coffee - The delicate one

There are two sides of Itaewon neighborhood. First image is a cluster of funkie bars where university students go to relax (You can imagine), and secondly, in a residential area, little gems like Peer Coffee Roasters can be found. The coffee is surprisingly roasted in house considering the little lovely space in which it is settled. There’s not many food choices here except “the pastry of the week”, but it’s a must-go for the coffee lover. The soy latte is simply perfect.

ASK: For their filter coffee to go in a bottle (Yes, it’s trendy)






D 55 - Overlooking Bukchon


Here’s a beautiful place to cool down after a visit to the stunning Gyeongbokgung palace nearby.“D’Industry 55” is a furniture cafe, meaning the interior (from all over the world) is for sale. The coffee shop owned by a group of designers offers a homely feeling, there’s a wide range of western food choices, but I’d recommend you stick to the coffee.

ASK: To be seated in the Veranda upstairs to overlook Bukchon’s beautiful traditional roofs.