André Chiang, born in Taiwan, had worked under French master Chefs such as Pourcel, Robuchon, Troisgros, Gagnaire… before he decided to settle in Singapore and call his restaurant home. This charming heritage house behind a welcoming little olive tree, takes you on a culinary journey and into André’s creative universe based on an “Octaphilosophy”. Unique, pure, texture, memory, salt, south, artisan and terroir.

The result is French, but different. Nouvelle cuisine, but not too much. In this place awarded best restaurant in Singapore, the meat comes from France (4 times a week), and lunch is worth the 100 dollars + you’d spend once in a while (or a lifetime) on a gastronomic restaurant.

image Veal Aspic

The daring “veal aspic” basically a deconstructed revamped “tête de veau”, would make you surprizingly ask for more brain, tongue, and other kind of offal you thought you’d never eat. Menu changes daily, but his signature dessert the “Snickers” chocolate bar (new creation each year) remains. The 2015 version is to die for.

And when André leaves you a note on a menu sheet saying “Life is about good food, good wine and lots of good friends”, it’s just delectable.

ASK: To be seated downstairs to feel the kitchen vibes.




image Snickers 2015